Understanding the Typhoon Response of the Ilocano Folks

Mercita Q. Queddeng


This study explored the responses to typhoon disasters from the experiential perspective of the households in Don Alejandro Quirolgico and Lusong  East and West in Caoayan, Ilocos Sur. The two barangays were the worst devastated by Typhoon Lawin in the province of Ilocos Sur in 2014.

The study aimed to come up with thematic concepts of their responses that served as bases in addressing the psychological and sociological needs of the households which are deemed crucial in their recovery. It is noted that the full recovery of the victims of a typhoon does not only focus on material necessities such as food, clothing and shelter but also on the innate needs.

The qualitative research design of hermeneutic phenomenology was the main method used in the investigation of the life experiences of the Ilocano households in Barangay Don Alejandro Quirolgico (DAQ) who suffered from typhoon disasters. The lived meanings of thematic events that speak to the variable ways of humanitarian response emerged. The experiences of the participants resulted in the thematic concepts of responses of “never a choice,”  “looking for a way out”, “thinking and feeling of oneself through consequences,” and   “something that one falls into”. 

Results showed that the most significant response is the behavioral negation of “looking for a way out” as a consequential impact of typhoon devastations. In most cases, everybody is affected that immediate assistance could not be made possible.  The unique responses to typhoon disasters of the residents in DAQ and Luzong (East and West) emanated every time typhoon disaster arrived.

The study concluded that participants are aware of the devastations brought by typhoon disasters but they could never be fully prepared for it.

The study recommend continuous information dissemination, assistance and guidance from the concerned agencies like the Local Government Units and the PDRRMC should be made and the psychological and socio cultural needs of the typhoon victims must also be periodically assessed and addressed accordingly.


Caoayan, Don Alejandro Quirolgico, plight, flood, phenomenology

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