Development and Validation of Modules in Zoology

Sheryll A. Gregory


This study developed and validated modules in Zoology to help enhance learning and scientific skills. The descriptive-developmental method of research was used to highlight the development of this modular package. This study had 120 respondents composed of nine experts, who are fishery and biology instructors and 111 student-respondents. The module development consisted of planning, development, evaluation/validation, and revision stages. Checklist questionnaires and interview were used to determine the validity of the proposed modules. A descriptive form of the presentation of data and simple statistics were utilized in validating the content of the modules by experts and students. Based on students’ learning difficulties, two modules were developed consisting of: Module 1: Aquatic Invertebrates; and Module 2: Aquatic Vertebrates.  Both were found to have instructional and technical quality and observed to be valid as instructional materials to enhance learning and scientific skills. The posttest results of both modules 1 and 2 showed improved students’ performance as compared to the pretest results. Analysis of comparison using independent t-test rejected the hypothesis of no difference in the means of the performance levels in the pretest and posttest in Modules 1 and 2. It is recommended that these modules be reviewed by Institutional Instructional Material Committee and be tried out by other professors inside and outside Sorsogon State College and be mass produced. These may also be used in teaching other areas of science other than Zoology.


difficulties of students, planning, evaluation, revision

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