The College of Teacher Education as Center of Development: Its Experiences and Challenges

Luzviminda P. Relon


Improving the quality of education is of utmost importance and interest in every developing country like the Philippines. Thus, higher education institutions (HEIs) play an indispensable role in making the country to be globally competitive through the quality of human resources they develop. Consequently, teacher education curriculum must be designed to meet the needs and challenges of the Philippine educational system. This study aimed to look into the policies and strategies undertaken, the emergence of best practices and their effects to the College. It is a qualitative and historical study which employed data analysis and triangulation in gathering data from the purposively chosen respondents. Based on the findings, a well-planned curriculum responsive to societal changes yield tangible results which will benefit the stakeholders; well-designed and strictly implemented policies and programs coupled with collaborative efforts by the administrators, faculty members, students and other stakeholders would likely yield positive effects for the educational community. Thus, it is recommended that the College should continue designing relevant policies to address the emerging needs of the educational community; sustainable extension programs should be conducted; and issues and concerns along research should be acted upon to encourage the involvement of the faculty members.


quality assurance, academic policies, higher education, educational development

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