The Art of Questioning of the Faculty in the College of Teacher Education in the University of Northern Philippines

Patria A. Bello


Even with today’s modern educational practices, the art of questioning has remained one of the best tools in promoting effective learning. In fact, questioning continues to be an essential component of good teaching. Skillful questioning involves knowledge of the various uses of the question, the characteristics of a good question, the techniques of questioning, and the techniques of handling the learners’ responses. It is the aim of this study to determine the art of questioning of the faculty of the College of Teacher Education of University of Northern Philippines for School Year 2010-2011. Descriptive-correlational design was utilized and a total of 18 faculty and 97 students served as respondents. Results of the study revealed that the teachers always asked interesting, thought provoking, and challenging questions; used varied techniques in questioning; gave positive and encouraging remarks; and welcomed students’ questions graciously. Therefore, it is highly recommended that teachers master a great art of questioning to further encourage the students to answer questions and participate actively during class discussions; further enhancement of the art of questioning and varied techniques and dynamics in questioning should be developed; and an enhancement program should be provided to the teachers such as: seminars and training- workshops; respectively.


art, quality, question, techniques, college of teacher education, descriptive-correlational design, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City

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